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Life at HBS inspires students to become leaders with character and competence, invokes confidence and independence, make them cherish life, to respect people and adhere to values and ethos by a holistic education.

  • Explore - Outbound Training
  • Vanavasam – Trekking and staying with nature
  • Study Tours
  • Cultural / Heritage Tours
  • Meditation and Human Values Education
  • Moon Light Dinners / Camp Fires
  • DJ / Star Nights
  • Movie Shows
  • HBS Premier League – Cultural and Sports
  • Saturday Dharbar
  • Tulip – Celebrating Women hood
  • Connect – Students’ Conference
  • Alumni Interface
  • Jigarthanda – Talent Hunt
  • Start-up Cafe
  • Festival Celebrations
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Clubs at HBS

Student Clubs hone the management and leadership skills of the students. HBS has several clubs like Finance, Marketing, HR, Heartfulness, Social Outreach, SinthaniyilMattram and Nature Club. Each club is overseen by a faculty in-charge and led by student coordinator(s). Clubs at HBS enrich the learning through quizzes, discussions & debates, wall magazines, cultural shows, workshops, management games, guest talks and social outreach activities. It brings together the several aspects of management learned in theory such as planning & organising, teamwork, event management, inter-group coordination, marketing & negotiation, financial management and leadership to practice.

Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)

CED gives greater focus on entrepreneurship development, enabling students with the entrepreneurial spirit to start their own businesses. CED grooms potential entrepreneurs through NEN Entrepreneurship Courses, Business Ideation Workshops, MoU with Yi-YUVA and regular discussion on start-ups in Start-up Cafe editions.

Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC)

HBS has Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) funded by AICTE, New Delhi, for enhancing industry – institute relationship in the form of MoUs, internship, industry visits, industry expert interactions, MDPs and consultancy. It provides ample opportunities for students to have a high level of industry exposure. It enhances students’ industry readiness that makes them competent in a challenging business environment.