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Among best B-Schools in India
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Hallmark Business School is a standalone B-School in Trichy, Promoted by Sivagami Ramaswamy Educational and Charitable Trust in 2008. The College is approved by All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE), New Delhi and Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai.

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Why Study @HBS?

Hallmark Business School is established as a standalone business school in the year 2008 in Tiruchirappalli. It has been 10 years since the beginning of the journey in imparting quality management education in this part of the country. HBS is very conscious in creating leaders of tomorrow who will be able to take up challenging roles in the corporate world and in business.

Society needs better people who can lead, appreciate values and ethics, and deliver value to the industry and the society at large. HBS adopts a simple, yet powerful model named “ASK” that is nothing but Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. One who possess the right attitude, skills and knowledge can effectively play the above said role. One needs to be both good and competent for that.

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  • Hello, everyone, I’m Viji a part of HBS family. As for everyone else, my college life with HBS is the sweetest memory for the lifetime for this blissful campus have given ‘n’ number of cherishing moments. There is something motivational & special in this environment and infrastructure which made the learning joyful. I had countless opportunities to develop my potential through various programs and events. HBS gave me the support and confidence to grow both personally and professionally. I have transformed constructively, thanks to all faculty members who have given their continuous support. It has been an unforgettable journey. Thank you HBS.

    Vijiya Shanmugapriya
  • Hi, all I’m Tendulkar a past MBA Student of HBS, the confusion of my life after graduation was answered when I found Hallmark Business School. The major three things I learned from my college is English communication, building network, perseverance. I was an introverted person once but after an MBA at HBS, i could feel the change in myself. Understanding the corporate cultures that are helping me. This is the right place to show our talents and explore ourselves in an efficient way. I’m y grateful to the management and faculty members for their tireless efforts to ensure a bright and prosperous future for us.

    Tendulkar P
  • Hi, I’m Deepika II MBA Student I would like to share my experience. These two years at HBS was excellent and made me a strong woman. It gave me a great learning experience every day. It’s difficult, to sum up, the memories and experience of 2 years in a few lines. The faculty members are helpful, open and supportive all the time. There are so many positive changes happened to me as a result of being part of our HBS family. Being coordinators of so many events HBS made us handle conflicts and people independently. HBS – It really has the magic beyond academics.

    Deepika P
  • I’m very glad to share a few details about my life – before and after HBS. After UGI was in search of “What’s Next” and I came to know about a standalone B school, Hallmark Business School. While joining PG I was very specific to do my Course in a practical way so I joined HBS. I was nervous and hesitated to take up responsibilities but HBS helped me to come out of it. Here I learned about corporate culture with practical classes, internships, projects, case studies, which gave me a clear view of various business models and how to be an efficient Manager in future.

  • I had a great time at Hallmark Business School. Each and every day of my journey in HBS is a great learning and memorable phase in my life. I got a space to develop and implement my own ideas, by that it helped me for the concept of “learning by doing”. The positive vibe spread everywhere in my campus by the nature of our faculty members and that made me become a positive, motivated bold woman. In addition, I thank my faculty members and friends who supported for my dream to strike gold. HBS deserves for the statement -“The Practical B- School”.

  • A big “HI” from Harini Narasimhan (2017 – 2019) who is enjoying the amazing phase of my life at HBS by transforming myself into a fully energetic person. We at HBS have our expertise and friendly faculty team who guided the students throughout the learning process and beyond up to becoming a successful manager in life and corporate field. The sophisticated infrastructure provided at a practical learning business school in a peaceful area in Trichy City has provided many students like me to have a great learning experience. In precise, the experience on the campus is totally amazing and unforgettable and my life has become more colourful.