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The good news is that Marketing takes an hour to learn. The bad news is that it takes a lifetime to master.

Philip Kotler

Marketing concepts provide valuable insights into the various exchange processes involved in consumer, business-to-business, and non-profit settings, around the globe. The purpose of learning marketing is to develop a critical and analytical approach to marketing managers’ tasks within the context of the organization as a whole. Marketing Traditionally, MBA marketing specialisation will teach various aspects involved in selling a product – from understanding the dynamics of the target audience, consumer behaviour and the market, product portfolio, decision-making, understanding competitors, revenue stream and formulating strategies to increase sale and brand value of a product.

Today, the scope for a career in marketing is immense. Globalisation and e-commerce have opened up new possibilities for marketing managers.HBS focuses on improving the skills and knowledge of marketing students on the above-said areas with the following value additions:

  • Field Visits
  • Real-time marketing projects
  • Marketing surveys
  • Workshops on selling & negotiation skills and marketing analytics
  • Certifications in digital marketing

HBS sets a platform for marketing students for lifelong learning.

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