A common question in the mind for all aspiring MBA students is

Why stand alone B-School is better for MBA than a Department in a University or an Engineering or an Arts College?

Here is the answer to it.

  • A management school that is independent is agile and flexible and thus can quickly react to changes in the business environment, therefore ensuring practical relevance of the MBA Programme.

          Agility – leaner administration for better decision making, freedom in financial decisions and independence in curriculum designing, pedagogy and value-added programmes.

          Flexibility in working hours, engaging experts from academic and industry and freedom to respond to the needs of the business. Better and long-standing relationships with companies will add value to the programme through internships and real-time projects.

  • Standalone business school not only strive for excellence, but also for innovation to keep the participant and the current relevancy of the curriculum as the focus area
  • Standalone business school can focus on practical knowledge and practical experience in troubleshooting real-world business problems in a candidate. The students may become effective problem solvers, which is highly preferred by employers
  • Standalone business school can focus better on encouraging creative thinking in their students to helping them build interpersonal and leadership skills to providing them with a global perspective of managing the business.
  • Standalone Business Schools have many advantages over MBA departments in a university or an engineering college or an arts college. It can shape up a candidate very well in, entrepreneurial spirit, life skills and domain expertise. It helps candidates to have a better career and higher salary.

No wonder these advantages make standalone business schools as an ideal place for MBA programme than departments in a university or an engineering college or an arts college. It is evident in many surveys done by leading agencies, where stand-alone business school tops over departments in institutions in the country.