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Date: 27thApril 2018
Time: 10.30 am
Venue: APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial Hall


Distinguished guest on and off the dais, my fellow colleagues, my dear students, beloved parents, ladies and gentlemen, Good morning to one and all present here.
It gives me immense pleasure to present the brief report on the academic and non-academic activities of Hallmark Business School for the year 2018-2019.

Annual Events at HBS

  1. 11th Batch MBA was inaugurated by Dr. P.Vijaya Raghavan, Secretary, Cauvery College for Women, Trichy on 16.08.2018
  2. A three-day International Conference on” Business Management and Business Intelligence” was organized by IIPC from 18th to 20th August 2018.
  3. 8th Graduation Day was held on 14.10.2018. Mr. F. Isarel Inbaraj , General Manager- HR – TCS was the chief guest, he distributed the degree certificates and addressed the students
  4. Explore 2.0 –an out bound training program for undergraduate students for leadership development. 120 students from 10 colleges participated in the program.
  5. HPL –Hallmark Premier League – inter-collegiate cultural and sports competition was conducted from 27th to 29th January 2019
  6. Connect’18 – Inter – collegiate Paper Presentation & Poster Presentation competition was organized on 15th and 16th February 2019. Around 160 students from various colleges from across Tamilnadu participated and presented papers.
  7. Jigarthanda 2019 – An Inter-Collegiate Cultural Fest was organized on 01.03.2019. Around 225 students from various colleges across Tamil Nadu participated in the events.
  8. Tulip – 2K19 – An inter-collegiate cultural fest for women students was organised on 13.04.2019. 165 students form 11 colleges participated in various events.
  9. Study Tour – I MBA students went for a 8-day study tour to Pune, which includes institute visits, industry visits and paper presentation in a national conference
  10. Academic Expert interactions – HBS invites eminent people from academic to give them different perspectives on learning. The following are such experts interacted with our students in 2018-19
    • Mr. Ilango Ramasamy, Faculty, Nizwa College of Technology, Oman, interacted with students on”Leadership and Communication skills” on 18.08.2018
    • Dr. Mohamed Riyazh Khan, Faculty, Higher College of Technology, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman interacted with students on “HR Service Quality Measurements in Corporate Hospitals” on 19.08.2018
    • Dr. Umesh Samuel,Dean (Research) &Associate Professor in Social Work, Bishop Heber College, Trichy interacted with I MBA students on “Going High” on 20.08.2018
    • Mr. Thiyagarajan, Assistant Professor, NIT, Trichy interacted with I MBA Students on “Life Skills” on 20.08.2018
    • Dr. N. Prasanna, Placement officer, BDU, with I MBA Students on “Corporate Expectations and Career Planning”on21.08.2018
    • Dr. Ramajayam, Assistant Professor, BDU interacted with I MBA Students on “Democracy Development and Management” on 22.08.2018
    • Mr.K.Anand, Head, Department of Management Studies, Jairam Arts and Science College, interacted with I MBA students on “Management through pink papers” on 25.08.2018
    • Dr. K. Elavalagan Librarian & Chief Knowledge Officer, IIM, Trichy interacted with I MBA students on “The Effective uses of Learning Resources” on 25.08.2018
    • Dr.Rajasekar, Assitant Professor, VIT, Chennai interated with students on “Business English” on 27.08.2018
    • Dr. S.N Raghavendra, Associate Professor, BIM, Trichy, interacted with I MBA students on “Goal Setting” on 01.09.2018
    • Dr G Gopalakrishnan, Director, BIMHRD, Pune interacted with I MBA students on 31.01.2019
  11. Industry Expert Interactions – HBS invites eminent personalities from industry to bridge the gap between the curriculum and the real world practices in corporate. The following are such personalities interacted with our students during 2018-19
    • Mr.Prem Raj, Consulting Manager, SAP Practise,UK interacted with students on “Sell what you can deliver in a corporate world” on 17.08.2018
    • Mr. Rangesh Sudhakar Gnanavel, Head – project Delivery, Invenio Business Solution, United Kingdom interacted with students on “Focus Build and ERP” on 17.08.201
    • Mr. Sathish, Australia, interacted with students on “Opportunities and challenges in Australia” through video conferencing on 17.08.2018
    • Mr. Ramalingam Anancha Perumal, Solution Architect, CTS, Switzerland, interacted with students on”Opportunities in Banking Industry and Supporting Services” on 18.08.2018
    • Mr. Abdul Aleem, Administrative Officer, Oil and Gas Industry, Qatar, interacted with students on” HR Challenges and opportunities in the oil and gas industry” on 18.08.2018
    • Mr Karthikeyan Kadirvel,Sr. SAP Consultant, Perisoft Australia, interacted with students on “SAP Challenges in Implementing new technologies” on 19.08.2018
    • Mr. Ravichandran, Media Optimization Manager, Americana UAE Media Advertising, interacted with students on “Strategy and Planning in Media Advertising” on 19.08.2018
    • Mrs. Prema Mahendran,Solution Architect CTS New York, USA, interacted with students on “Current Trends and how we have to plan our growth” on 19.08.2018
    • Mr Rajesh Natarajan, Director, Internest –Digital Marketing Agency, interacted with students on”Personal Branding” on 20.08.2018
    • Mr Jayaraman, Adtechmedia, interacted with students on “How to become industry ready” 20.08.2019
    • Mr.RajKumar Manager HR, Vitae International Accounting Services Pvt. Ltd, interacted with I MBA students on “Integrity, transparency and independence for excellence in the Profession” on 24.08.2018
    • Mr Thirumurugan, Assistant Manager, BNP Paripas Interacted with II MBA students on”Opportunities in BFSI sector” on 03.09.2018
    • Shri.V.Alagappan , Charted Accountant, Vruksha & Co, Trichy interacted with students on “Interim Union Budget 2019 Analysis” on 18.02.2019
  12. Industry Institute Interface – Industry Institute Partnership Cell – (IIPC) provides a structured platform for knowledge sharing and dissemination of industry relevant programmes as follows:
    • IIPC arranges short summer internship for the students in reputed companies each year. This year internship was arranged in 40 companies belonging to manufacturing, banking, and retail and services industries for the students.
    • MDP on “Match Managing skills for Umpires in Tennis Cricket” by Prof. Senthil K Nathan on 20.07.2018
    • I MBA students conducted a market research for Bajaj Finserve from 01.11.2018 to 15.11.2018
    • I and II MBA students participated in the “Business Ideation Workshop” organised by CII – Yi on 16.11.2018
    • MoU signed with BIMHRD for academic collaboration on 31.01.2019
    • MoU signed with DYPIMS, Pune for academic collaborationon 06.02.2019
    • A three-day MDP on “Exploring your dreams” was organised by IIPC,Middle level managers, Senior executives and academicians participated in the MDP which held from 19.04.2019 to 21.04.2019
  13. Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)
  14. CED takes continuous efforts in bringing entrepreneurial spirit among the students and supports start-up initiatives by the students. The following are the activities of CCD in 2018-19

    • Start-Up Café– an initiative in which students share the stories of startups regularly, and so far 37 editions has been completed
    • A team of II MBA participated EXIMUS 2018 – an entrepreneurial event organised by IIM Bangalore
    • Students have been encouraged with opportunities to participate in CII, Yi-Yuva events.
    • HBS takes pride that Mr. Amarnath and Mr Clement J, II year students has recently started their start-up named “The Dream Wash” in Trichy.
  15. Club Activities
  16. Clubs hone the management and leadership skills of the students. HBS has several clubs like Finance, Marketing, HR, Heartfulness, Social Outreach, SinthaniyilMattram and Nature Club. The following are the activities of various clubs in 2018-19
    i. Social Outreach club

  17. Blood Donation is a regular activity at HBS. In 2018-19, 15 students have donated 25 units of blood on various occasions to the needy people.
  18. “Social Thinking carnival” Organized in association with Team of Social Services at HBS on 10.08.2018
  19. I and II MBA students participated in Trichy Marathon, an Organ Donation Awareness program on30.09.2018
  20. Events on “My vision – corruption Free India” as a part of Vigilance Awareness Week in association with BHEL, Trichy on 23.10.2018
  21. HBS Social Outreach Club organised Gaja Cyclone relief work at Vellapallam, a fishermen village near Vedharanyam on 27th November 2018. Relief materials worth Rs.1.75 lakhs were distributed to 425 families in the Village.Management of Hallmark Business School contributed Rs.1 lakh and the rest was contributed by the students and faculty of HBS and donations collected by the students from the public. The relief materials include 2 tons of rice and mats, bed spreads, biscuits, bread packets, candles and medicines for all the families in the village.
  22. In association with Shine TREEchy, HBS students participated in Mission Uyyakondan” – clean up activity of 1000 year old Uyyakondan Canal built by Cholas on 24.02.2019 and on 03.03.2019
  23. A free medical camp at Allithurai was organisedin association with Sharon NGO and GVN Hospitals Pvt. Ltd, on 17.02.2018
  24. Aone-day workshop on “Learning English Through Fun” for the students of Government Primary School on 29.03.2019
  25. ii. Finance Casino Club

    • A one-day workshop on “ The Art of Technical Analysis” by Mr J Arun, Branch Head, Sharekhan, Trichy for II MBA Students was organized on 30.08.2018
    • Stock trading competition with actual investments by the students during the third semester of II MBA students
    • IPL Bidding Competition on 07.03.2019

    iii. Marketing Club

    • Chat with Marketwala – marketing students interacted with various vendors in unorganized sector and presented on the same on 17.03.2019

    iv. Nature Club

    • Prof. P. Kandasamy,Honorary, Wild Life Warden, Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve ,Erode interacted with I and II MBA students on “Preservation of Nature for the Survival of Human Species” on 26.01.2018

    v. Rendezvous HR Club

    • HR students participated in The TED Talk on “Setting Milestones” organized by NIPM Trichy Chapter on 17.12.2018
    • Meet the HR – all the students meet HRs of different companies and made a presentation on their discussion with them

    vi. Sinthaniyil Mattram Club

    • Special Lecture on “The Life of Mahatma Gandhi” on 02.10.2018
    • Special talk on “Padipathu Sugame” by C Saiskumar, Co-ordinator, Natrinai Trust, Trichy on 02.04.2019
    • A debate on “Is mobile phone a boon or bane for the youth?” was organized on 07.04.2019.Students participated in the event and Mr C Saiskumar, Co-ordinator, Natrinai Trust, Trichy acted as the judge.

    vii. Heartfulness Club

    • I MBA students visited SRCM Heartfulness Meditation Centre and participated in mediation sessions on 11.11.2018
    • Meditation sessions on every Wednesday for both I and II year students
  26. Industry Visits?
  27. i. I MBA Students visited SAIL, Salem on 26.07.2018
    ii. I MBA Students visited Times of India, Pune on 31.01.2018
    iii. I MBA Students visited , Mapro – Mahabaleeswar Agro Products, Pune on 04.02.2019

  28. Students Training and Development
  29. One of the key focus areas at HBS is students training and development. The following are the training activities undertaken in 2018-19 to enhance and empower students
    i. 5 Day “Business Simulation Program” for II MBA students by Career Incore, Pune from 09-07-2018 to 13-07-18
    ii. TIE Reach- Team of II MBA Students Participated in the workshop organized by TIE Reach Chennai Chapter in Karur on 10.09.2018
    iii. Ms C Aparna and Ms. R Krithika of I MBA participated in a two-day E-Leadership Workshop organized by NEN on 14.09.2018 & 15.09.2018
    iv. A team of 8, I MBA students participated in CEO Speak session organised by CII Madurai Chapter on 16.10.2018
    v. Prof B Dineshkumar and a team of I MBA students participated in a two-day sale training programme organised by KC Dairy on 10.11.2018 & 11.11.2018
    vi. A one-day Workshop on “Grooming and Building Self image” for II MBA students by Perfect Persona, Bangalore on 23.11.2018
    vii. I and II MBA students participated in the “Business Ideation Workshop” organised by CII – Yi on 21.12.2018
    viii. A 5 Day Pre Placement Training on “Enhancing the Skills for a Better Career” by Mafoi, Chennai for II MBA Students from 07.01.2019 to 11.1.2019
    ix. A one-day workshop on “Leadership through team building” was organised in association with CII-Yi

  30. Students Participations and Achievements
  31. i. Ms Meera M of 9th batch obtained 22th Anna University Rank at state level in MBA Program
    ii. Ms Sruthi B of II MBA and Ms Alby Benny of I MBA participated in ICTAT- Youth Talk Edition 5 held on 28.09.2018
    iii. A team of students from I MBA participated in the events of ADVIK – 2019, a national level inter-collegiate management meet organized by Knowledge Business School, Salem on 28.09.2019
    iv. HBS team participated in Firma – 2K18, an inter-collegiate management meet organized by Bishop Heber College and bagged “Overall Champions Trophy” on 03.10.2018
    v. HBS team participated in Progyan – 2K18, an inter-collegiate management meet organized by SASTRA University bagged runner titles in two events on 05.10.2018
    vi. HBS team participated in TIECOONS – 2018, an inter-collegiate management meet organized by Jamal Mohamed College held on 08.10.2018 & 09.10.2018 and bagged 1 winner and 1 runner titles
    vii. 12 Students of I MBA presented papers in a national conference organised by DYPIMS, Pune on 02.02.2019. Ms Gayathiri received 2nd prize for her paper
    viii. A team of I MBA students helped in co-ordinating the Annual Day of CII Trichy Chapter on 16.02.2019
    ix. A team of students participated in the events of Samrajiam 2.0 a national level inter-collegiate management meet organised by Alagappa Institute of Management Karaikudi and won runners in Ad-Zap event on 27.02.2019
    x. HBS students helped in co-ordinating the NHRD, Trichy Chapter’s office bearers installation program held on 22.03.2019
    xi. A team of students participated in a special talk on “Emotional Intelligence” by Dr SN Raghavendra, organised by NHRD Trichy Chapter on 25.04.2019

  32. Faculty Training and Development
  33. HBS has been taking several initiatives to enable faculty to realize their full academic potential and to develop competency. HBS sponsors faculty members to attend FDP, Workshops and similar events every year. The following are the faculty training events
    i. FDP – Prof K Muthukumar participated in a three-day FDP on ” Time Series and Panel data analysis” organised by KEC, Erode from 26.07.2018 to 29.07.2018
    ii. Prof B Dineshkumar participated in an FDP on “Learn Six Sigma for Sales & Marketing” organised by CII Trichy Chapter on 14.08.2018
    iii. Dr R Ramesh and Dr AL Alagappan participated in a three-day workshop on “Journey to exploring self – celebrating life” by Dr SN Raghavendra and Mrs. V Lakshmidevi from 25.10.2018 to 28.10.2018
    iv. Mr Gopalakrishnan P participated in an international Conference on”Emerging Trends in Librarianship: Roles of librarian in learning environment” organised by IIM Trichy on 10.12.2018 to 12.12.2018
    v. Prof G Karthikeyan was deputed for a 2 day “Entrepreneurship Conference” organised by CII and Yi, Trichy Chapter on 04.02.2019 & 05.02.2019
    vi. One-day Workshop – Prof Senthil K Nathan participated in a one-day workshop on “Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970” organised by NHRD, Trichy Chapter on 16.02.2019
    vii. Prof G Karthikeyan participated in a three-day FDP on “Advanced Statistical Modelling and Analysis” organised by TSM, Madurai from 22.02.2019 to 24.02.2019
    viii. Mr Gopalakrishnan P, participated in a one-day workshop on “Effective use of library resources” organised by BEC, Erode on 19.03.2019
    ix. All faculty members attended a two-day FDP on “Academic Research – Basics” by Dr. G. Stephen Vincent, Associate Professor (Retd.), St. Josephs College on 28.03.2019 & 29.03.2019

  34. 19. Faculty Achievements
  35. i. Dr AL Alagappan acted a Judge in ICTAT Youth Talk Competition on 28.09.2018
    ii. Dr AL Alagappan provided leadership training to 250 students of Chettinadu Engineering College in a week long workshop.
    iii. Prof Senthil K Nathan and Prof E Prasanna provided Excel training to the students of SRC College
    iv. Prof Senthil K Nathan presented a paper in national conference organised by DYPIMs and received 2nd prize for his paper on 02.02.2019
    v. Dr R Ramesh, presented a paper in national conference organised by DYPIMS, Pune on 02.02.2019
    vi. Prof Senthil K Nathan interacted with the participants on “ Corporate Expectation” in a one-day state level seminar organised by BDU Constituent College, Trichy on 20.02.2019
    vii. Mr Gopalakrishnan P presented a paper titled “Career Awareness Among business school aspirants” in a national conference organized by Bishop Heber College, Trichy held on 02.03.2019
    viii. Mr Gopalakrishnan P, presented a paper titled “Career Awareness and Library utilization of Business School Aspirants” in the International Conference on “Enhancement of Technology and Innovations in Contemporary Libraries”organized by Alagappa University, Karaikudi on 24.04.2019 & 25.04.2019
    ix. Prof Senthil K Nathan was elected as the Secretary of NHRD Trichy Chapter for a two year term
    x. Prof K Muthukumar successfully completed his Ph.D Degree in 2018-19
    xi. Prof R Kajapriya Successfully completed her Ph.D Degree in 2018-19

  36. Alumni Interactions
  37. i. Mrs Meera Natarajan, Assistant Manager, BNP Paribas, 7th batch Alumni interacted with students on 03.09.2018
    ii. Ms Priyadharshini, HR Executive, Nokia Siemens 9th batch Alumni interacted with I MBA students on “Developing skills and competencies” on 04.09.2018
    iii. Ms Saranya G, Assistant Manager, KVB, 8th Batch Alumni interacted with I MBA students on her career experiences on 05.09.2018
    iv. Ms. A Nandhini Mary, Associate Financial Analyst, Wells Fargo, Hyderabad, 8th Batch alumni interacted with I MBA students on “Corporate Expectations” on 16.11.2018

  38. Publications
  39. i.18 research papers have been published in various journals by faculty members and students in 2018-19

  40. Celebrations and other events at HBS
  41. i. 72’nd Independence Day – Flag Hosting & Independence Day address by Mr. Vinoth Krishnamoorthy on 15.08.2018
    ii. Fresher’s Party – seniors welcomed the juniors (11th Batch) on 29.08.2018
    iii. Learning Resource Centre of HBS organized a “Book Fair “ 24.09.2018
    iv. Gent Fezt 2K18 – Men’s Day celebration at HBS on 24.11.2018
    v. Christmas Celebration on 23.12.2018
    vi. Enthiran 2.0 – movie show
    vii. Pongal Celebrations on 12.01.2019
    viii. Republic Day Celebration – Prof. P. Kandasamy,Honorary, Wild Life Warden, Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve ,Erode hoisted the national flag and addressed the students on 26.01.2018
    ix. Heritage Tour- II MBA Students visited historical places on the trails of Cholas on 30.1.2019
    x. Women’s day celebrations on 08.03.2019
    xi. Holi Celebrations on 21.03.2019
    xii. Tamil New Year and Visu was celebrated on 13.04.2019

  42. Accolades
    • Eleven years of Excellence in Management Education
    • Rated AA+ by Career 360 in 2018
    • Ranked 5th among the best B-Schools in Trichy by Business Today.
    • Ranked 86th in RoI among the B-Schools in India
    • Ranked 80th among best B-Schools in India by MBA Universe in 2019
  43. Centre for Career Development (CCD)
  44. HBS has a dedicated Centre for Career Development, which acts a catalyst in transforming the students to match the expectations of the industry. CCD assists the students in identifying their passion, skills and an appropriate career path through workshops, personality development programs, conclaves, alumni interaction and counseling. CCD provides intensive training on aptitude, MS-Excel, group discussions and personal interview for the students which enables them to be successful in the recruitment process. CCD has been successful in adding more recruiters every year and the average salary of the students is growing at a significant rate on Y-o-Y basis. The following are the placement statistics of 2018-19.

    • No. of companies participated in placement drives: 29
    • No of offers: 31
    • Highest Salary : Rs. 7.13 Lakhs pa.
    • Average Salary: Rs. 3.53 lakhs pa.
    • RoI : 10 months

At this juncture let me thank the management, Faculty members, students, Alumni, recruiters, media and people from corporate for their contribution in all our endeavors. We solicit the support of all stakeholders in our future endeavors and in the making of HBS as a reputed business school in this part of the country.

Thank you one and all ……..