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Keeping the HBS Alive

The HBS Alumni Association serves as a professional and Personal networking channel for our alumni, thereby enabling them to stay in touch with each other and the institute. The key role of the HBS Alumni Association is to provide a platform that will facilitate and enable former students to continue to be interested and involved in the life of the institute it serves as a vehicle that will strike for continual improvement of alumni on an individual and collective basis through the process of networking and role modelling the association, as it involves is expected to built and maintain a respectful relationship with the large community by where in individual members of the association are ambassadors.
Supporting the Vision and mission of HBS

Alumni Meet

Alumni meets organized and attended by Hallmarkiyans gives them an opportunity to interact with other batch members and help in building and strengthening ones professional network apart from meeting old friends and cherishing the good old days. Alumni of HBS have also started mentoring their juniors to excel in all walks of life. This has increased the bond between the existing students and the HBS-alumni. It is mandatory to conduct Alumni Meet once in every year called “Sangamam”.

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Our Student Says

  • The MBA at HBS equipped me with the right business acumen to do well in my career. In corporate life, it is incredibly important to ask the right question to solve unknown problem with unknown solutions. The emphasis on activity based learning and teaching methodology prepared me well for this journey.

    Batch: 2016- 18
  • The two years at HBS provided us with abundant opportunities for holistic growth. A balance of education, sports and a platform to pursue hobbies and personal interest of performing arts, definitely a different pedagogy adopted at HBS. Personally, days at HBS were definitely the most unforgettable ones of my life.

    Batch: 2014- 16
  • HBS gave me an opportunity to explore the unknown and realize my true potential. Its learning environment has helped me expand my boundaries. My time at HBS taught me a lot about life, its challenges and aided my growth. I made the best utilization of the resources the institute provided and invested in honing my skills. I joined HBS with a dream and it showed me the path of making it.

    Batch : 2012 -14
  • I am very thankful to my faculty members for their guidance, support and the immense knowledge that they shared with me over the course of 2 years. The profile that I have joined is a mix of Sales/Marketing which was taught me in HBS for which I am ever grateful.

    Batch : 2013 -15
  • As Birds cannot fly without wings, fish cannot live without water, student cannot be complete without a mentor”. A student needs a proper guidance, knowledge to develop skills and enhance the personality. Mentor acts as a torch which shows a way towards the goal. Faculty member in HBS played a role of mentors, who guided me through-out the two years. This helped me to enhance my personality, knowledge and deliver these traits effectively in corporate world. The position that I am currently holding in my organization is just because of my institute.

    Batch: 2015-17