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Founder Chairman's Message

R.Krishnamurthy, M.A, M.Ed.,

Shri R.Krishnamurthy, M.A, M.Ed.,was the founder of Hallmark Business School. He was a guide, philosopher, an educationalist and a visionary leader, who established this institution with the vision of imparting quality management education and creating value driven leaders.

He strongly believed that management education plays a vital role in transforming talented people into business executives with the qualities of innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship to deliver value to the stake holders of the enterprise. He had a strong conviction that a management student should not only have the knowledge and professional skills to lead enterprises but should also be responsive towards the greater demands of the society at large.

With this vision in mind, he established Hallmark Business School and created an ecosystem and culture that strives to develop leaders who can appreciate values and ethics while meeting the expectations of the present day business world.

Hallmark Business School is following his footsteps in achieving the vision of becoming a leading Business School in India, mentoring value-driven leadership.